Fred not happy in the team now

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Manchester United midfielder Fred has dismissed reports that he is unhappy that he is not true.

         From the 0-1 defeat to Wolves in the latest game, the media came out to delve into the matter inside the Old fence. Trafford is facing serious problems with both partisanship at the club. Players dissatisfied with Cristiano Ronaldo’s status as well as many players are unhappy. And want to leave the team who leave every day.

         The report reveals 17 players are unhappy and 11 want to leave, but Fred recently dismissed the report as untrue and he is very happy with the team. And do not think of moving the team in any way

         “Over the past few days I’ve been reading fake news (articles) involving my name and other MUFC players,” Fred wrote on social media.

         “I don’t have a habit of answering questions publicly. But this time I have to I just want to say that I am very happy here and I have never express my displeasure and the possibility of leaving the club.”

         “Don’t be fooled by fake news. We will continue to work hard to achieve our goals.”

Sir Alex Ferguson would probably have use the current situation to create a siege mentality. And if Fred and his teammates come out fighting to try and disprove the rumours of discontent. That would be the best response.