Carragher would look crazy if Salah left Liverpool

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Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher thinks it would be “crazy” if Mohamed Salah decided to leave the club as well as the club to drop the team’s number one goalscorer.

         The Egyptian star has elevated himself to the best attacker in the world today thanks to his hot performances with the Reds and has contributed to the ufabet club’s success over the years.

         However, with his contract expiring in 2023, there have been concerns that a transfer could occur at the end of the season as the contract has not yet been resolve. But Carragher sees it as crazy if Za Lah chose to leave Liverpool, who are going well and have a chance of success waiting.

         “You have to say that every club would be delight to have Salah in the squad,” Carragher told Optus Sport, “but to grab someone who is 32 years old while these teams might be ’em. Mbappe, there’s players like Haaland, they’ve got young dynamic players coming up.

         “I think it would be crazy for Liverpool to let Salah leave and I think it would be crazy for Salah to leave Liverpool because this club and Jurgen Klopp are great. Great for him too.”